Radico Khaitan Limited launched its own brand in the year 1998 with 8 PM Whisky, followed by Magic Moments Vodka in the year 2006 after serving other spirit manufacturers for over five decades. Within the short span of the launch, both the brands created a strong positioning for themselves as the fastest growing brands. Over the years, Radico Khaitan Limited has been able to successfully expand its premium brand portfolio and geographic imprints. The company launched ten new brands over the last decade in the domestic market, of which nine were in the premium category.

New product development and introducing variants of existing products continue to be the key growth strategies for domestic business. There is also a strong focus on identifying India specific consumer preferences and then localizing products with hand-craftsmanship. Continued growth in the economy and personal disposable income, the rise of the Indian middle class and rapid urbanization drives all the growth in the spirits industry in India. Thus the industry’s recent focus is on premium brands that ultimately drive value growth for the company as well. Traditionally, in the domestic market brown spirits which include whisky, brandy, and dark rum have been the major contributors with 96.6%, and whisky being the leader with 72% sales volume. White spirits such as vodka and gin account for 3.4% of the total IMFL volumes. The company’s brand portfolio across the IMFL categories of Whisky, Brandy, Rum and White Spirits includes Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky, Magic Moments and Magic Moments Verve Vodka, Morpheus Premium and Morpheus Blue Brandy, 8 PM and 8 PM Premium Black Whisky, After Dark Whisky, Contessa Rum, Old Admiral Brandy, Pluton Bay Rum, Regal Talon Whisky, Whytehall Brandy, 1965 – The Spirit of Victory Rum among others. Currently, the Company has four millionaire brands which are 8 PM Whisky, Contessa Rum, Old Admiral Brandy and Magic Moments Vodka.